Nature Bathing

Sensory immersion with partner in the Alberè pineta

Let’s take a breath for a moment and immerse with all our senses together with our partner or loved one in the richness and beauty offered by the Alberè pineta.

Let's take the opportunity to regenerate, relax and enter a space of natural quietness, to experience together a moment of slowness and sweet idleness.

The Nature bathing is an activity of deep connection with Nature in a dimension of slowness, awareness and relationship with the various elements that the pineta offers and with one's partner/heart person, with the aim of relaxing the mind and unloading the emotional load that accompanies us in our daily lives.

During this experience, various exercises are proposed, in which the couple will be stimulated to savour the gifts that the pineta offers us (colours, shapes, smells, tactile sensations) through their main senses (sight, hearing, smell,
touch and taste), thus fostering a special and unique connection with the present moment.

"Stop and breathe deeply. Notice where you are. Probe the sphere of the heart.

What you find there may be a complex constellation of feelings. Explore the energy of your heart and
find the seat where tenderness dwells. Direct your breath there and get in tune with your tender heart,' advises M. Amos Clifford, founder and director of the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs.

Various scientific studies have shown that a professionally guided Nature bathing experience has a number of benefits, such as:

  1. It trains the heart
  2. Lowers stress levels by counteracting the action of cortisol
  3. Reduces blood pressure
  4. Stimulates immune system response
  5. Relaxes the body and frees the mind
  6. Increases good mood
  7. Stimulates connection with oneself and a sense of belonging to nature
  8. Helps increase energy flow, sense of well-being and vitality

Now, take a deep breath and together with your loved one, let yourself be lulled by the
energetic and enveloping power that only the Nature dimension can offer.

The experience is designed for couples, small groups of friends and individuals and can beconducted in Italian, German or English.

Duration: 2½ hours
Cost: 130€

Info & booking: Arno Cardini 0039 3921630180