This is us

The structure was entirely designed and created by Lucia and Igor, a young couple who, starting from nothing more than a simple idea, managed to build all of Agritur Sedici step by step from scratch.

They did it by combining the passion and skills that each has developed throughout their lives — Igor as a farmer, closely connected to the country life, and Lucia’s many years working in tourism and accommodation facilities.

The concept and creation of Agritur Sedici was the natural result of two different people both wanting to create something unique and innovative. Emphasizing and underlining the importance of this common focus and the energy that animates this young couple is the name Agritur Sedici itself.

In fact, on 16 January 2016, Igor and Lucia promised their eternal love for each other, while on 16 January 2018, their precious jewel, little Celeste, arrived. What’s more, 16 January is also the birthday of both of their maternal grandmothers, practically testifying that their dream, their project, was written in the stars.

Very simple yet solid principles infuse their work: honesty, hard work, and simplicity. These form the basis of not only their personal lives, but also their work.