What sets Agritur Sedici apart is its strong roots in Igor and Lucia's family past. In fact, it stands on property that has been in Igor's family for decades.

In many people's eyes, it was nothing more than an uncultivated piece of land, but Igor and Lucia grasped its potential from the start, and time has proven them right. Since the beginning, they wanted to create a structure that would blend in with the previous context, respecting its form and layout, and trying to maintain a balance with the surrounding nature as much as possible. It was therefore natural for Igor and Lucia to build their farmhouse with ecological, eco-friendly materials that would mirror the natural beauty of the surroundings, blending with it harmoniously in the colours and materials. The same principle meant that renewable energy sources were used to minimize the impact on the delicate Trentino ecosystem. A love of nature animates both Lucia and Igor, who spend much of their time organizing hikes in the mountains.