The farm that Igor co-owns was founded by his parents, Elda and Elvio, in the 1970s. At first it was nothing more than a strawberry field in the middle of nowhere, but through hard work, sweat, and sacrifices, it has turned into a solid, stable farm run by Elda and Elvio with the help of their sons, Denis and Igor. The farm currently brings many kilos of small fruit to market each year, including strawberries, raspberries, and currants, and it has dozens of employees, making it one of the most profitable farms in Trentino.

The close connection between Agritur Sedici and the farm means that fresh, high-quality produce arrives on the tables for guests to taste. Here, traceability starts not from the harvest, but already at sowing! Also enriching this mouth-watering palette of flavours is produce from Lucia's garden, where numerous types of vegetables and fruits are grown with love. A special note goes to little Celeste and Sole, the couple's daughters, who enjoy frolicking around in the garden. Their smiles apparently make the plants grow more lush!